Vermont Governor’s Gallery - Pavilion Building, Montpelier, VT - 2012

“We are Vermont Strong “- Chandler Music Hall Gallery,  Randolph, VT - 2012

Long Island Museum, Stony Brook, NY - 2012

Spa Fine Art, Saratoga Springs, NY- 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY - 2011, 2012

Mills Pond House, STAC, Smithtown, NY - 2010, 2011, 2012

Paula Barr: Chelsea, New York, NY- 2010

Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY 2010, 2011

Moscow, Russia – Art of Inspiration (Traveling Group Show) - 2009 - 2010 - 2011

Gallery North, Setauket, NY-1979, 1980-81-82, 2009, 2010

Gallery qb – Brooklyn, NY- 2008

Russian Cultural Center – Washington DC- 2007, 2008

National Arts Club, Gramercy Park, NY -2006

United Nations, New York, NY - Art of Inspiration Group Show- 2006

Brooklyn Art Club, Brooklyn, NY- 2005

LeMeitour Gallery, Portland, OR- 2004

Agora Gallery, New York, NY- 2004

Wethersfield Gallery, Washington, DC - 1992

Tower Gallery, New York, NY – 1985, 1986

Greene Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY- 1980, 1981

Interlude Gallery, Watermill, NY- 1984

Firehouse Gallery, Nassau Com. College, Westbury, NY- 1982, 1983, 1984


James Jahrsdoerfer - Artist


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The Bridge

(for Jay)

An artist stands as a bridge between the physical and metaphysical realms — a mediator. Someone in the middle ground of conscious/ subconscious perceptions — I am a man in the middle.

—J. Jahrsdoerfer

Alone — reach outstretched

to either side  —

condor wingspan —

across the abyss

between real and unreal,

where you live.

Central object. Pivotal point.

Vision through eyes

fine-tuned to see

where others are blind.

Fecund freight trains

lumber over the fragile boards

and tracks of your mind — becoming:

from chaos to form;

from blight to beauty.

Afraid — grip tight as epoxy

on each ledge — knowing survival

is no promise — knowing each dream

you return to the barren

reminds them of their fears:

those who can reconcile

the polar surfaces of any two grounds,

no matter how far apart.

Genius and madness lie

equidistant — you touch both at once

and bridge the chasm of your self.

At that moment,

you stand at life's core —

lost, alone — but whole

and human as art itself.


Mary R. Drews